Experimental Architecture


Architectural Projects

"Every project brings a new set of challenges, the start point will never align with the end result,  but the transformation and iteration of each step, opens the doors to infinite possibilities that if captured on time they could not only change places but change people". 

Pierina Merino



The Emerging Art Foundation's San Francisco is a center for contemporary art that offers young artists a chance to debut, and incorporate their work into its collection. A creative place for artists and art and the general public can meet. The Emerging Art Foundation's San Francisco, is dedicated to promoting and raising public awareness of contemporary art. 


Tension in contraction

Lines exist in nearly every form in the city. From linear elements of freeway systems, to the flows of infrastructure between sites. This projects accepts the duality of the existing conditions. The program of this projects includes the redesign of the 6th street bridge located in Downtown Los Angeles and the design of a 250,000 SqFt warehouse for American Apparel. 


chicago museum

The development of a new structural prototype with the capacity to address multiple layers of performance. These strategies will form the core of the design project, continuing to transform, resist, and recalibrate in response to various pressures. The design of a new high-speed terminal and will enjoy this structural strategy in both the vertical and horizontal dimension, creating a new performative skin that wraps the existing tower on the site spans over the rail concourse. The rail station typology, as a public space that historically anchored urban centers, will be rethought in terms of the contemporary objective for a new high-speed rail network. The project will create unique and dynamic atmospheres with particular spatial qualities. Illustrating a history of structural advancements as well as a contemporary catalogue of performative building structures and envelops.  


thesis Researh - Part to whole

Using varied objects with unique levels of intricacy and re-arranging them with the goal of creating an awkward whole. This thesis is interested in tension between the visually associated but rationally disrupted approach to the part to whole understanding. Contrary to the LVMH by Gehry Partners where the parts resolve the whole, this thesis finds itself interested in maintaining the outside disruptions that are indicated in this project while resisting the coherency of the interior program. With the goal of achieving high resolution, and high abstraction this thesis works to see parts and wholes as a series of disparate but related interiors to exteriors, to seams, to corners, to visual connections, as a way of envisioning a new set of delightful ornamental beings.

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Design peak — professional experience

With over six years of experience in the design field, I have worked at Gehry Partners, Tighe Architecture and B+U Architecture. I have also collaborated with different designers on a variety of installations and digital projects,