Digital Art-Work


Art Work & Visual Explorations

Today’s marketplace is full with products that are trying to get our attention at every head turn, lowering the chances for a product to immediately stand out. In most of my visual explorations color and texture play a substantial role in causing provocation as according to the way our natural senses function- Color is the most influential factor, followed by Shapes, Symbols, and finally Words.

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With a focus in fashion, Pierina Merino creates colorful and conceptual still-life imagery through the process of mixing still-photography with digital manipulation.


Symmetrically exhuberant

Looking back on the history of taste one factor stands out: decoration, once the domain of the craft-man became the concern of the self-conscious designer. The efforts of the arts and crafts movement were directed towards reversing this shift, but in this respect the movement largely failed. The "Symmetrical Exuberant Collection" strikes to explore the connection between geometry, material, surface and lines in the world of ornament representation. 


3d Transtexturization

This project investigates two fundamental paradigms in architecture: surface and structure, through a specific lens of Gothic vault. The choice of the Gothic vault is strategic in that it possesses an amazing balance of structural exuberance with detailed ornamentation. I will begin by studying both, surface and structure, as integral elements of this specific architectural construction. Through the use of parametric modeling, I will develop one unit of an existing Gothic vault and take it through various stages of transformations. I look to further evolve both the surface and structure through parametric modeling in developing a new ceiling system. The seminar was less interested in 2-D graphic patterning of the skin but more interested in a “deep” skin, one that incorporates three-dimensional patterns, as well as structure that moves from being purely indexical of its load paths to becoming more atmospheric and expressive.


Familiarity submerged in super-graphics

Color in Architecture is not new, but the application of the new technologies to material experimentation is current. As a designer I aim to advance architectural paradigms towards more contemporary means of design and fabrication. by looking to anew array of objects that depict a sense of familiarity. There are objects that ate representative of known characters from everyday culture. The key of this representational figure is based in the abstraction of symbolic forms from highly recognized characters engrained in popular culture.